I would expect nothing less from Fug Favorite Solange:

There are like ninety different fabrics happening on this dress — including sequins! — giving it the overall aura of being patched together with the bits and pieces that you’d find at the bottom of your wrapping paper barrel.  Regardless, I kind of appreciate the overall elan of this whole look. I feel like this is what Solange would wear if she were starring in a movie about a woman brimming with moxie, who did a LOT of storming into and out of rooms, telling people EXACTLY what she thought of them, seducing men and then discarding them and then maybe seducing them again, throwing people into lily pads, and….huh. I think I just described an episode of Dynasty, which much at least mean that I find this secretly kick-ass and fun — if somewhat dramatic. Thanks for squaring that away, subconscious!