Well, the good news is, Michelle Monaghan appears to be working the bangs and makeup much better.

And the cotton candy gown is an interesting choice — I actually sort of like it, except that I can’t tell what the fabric is, which makes me concerned it’s stretchy, like a leotard. And that just makes me anxious, because isn’t she just ASKING for pit stains? Then again, I haven’t seen any on competitive gymnasts, nor on that bastion of storytelling accuracy Make It Or Break It, so maybe the real lesson here is that we should ALL be wearing stuff made of leotards because we will never have an armpit lake ever again. Please advise.

Across the candy-pink spectrum, we have Transformers 3’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

It is as open as Michelle’s was closed, the sort of thing that might be the curtain covering the dressing rooms at a Hello Kitty lingerie store. Can’t argue with the fit, but I can pick a fight with the wrinkles — put up your dukes, Creases of Doom — and suggest I might’ve liked it better without the sleeves. This one kind of comes down to whether you think Michelle’s slinky-without-skin offering is in fact sexier than letting it all — or at least a tasting menu — hang out.