This dress feels like a guilty pleasure: I know I probably shouldn’t like it, because it looks like it’s made of those weird LED fibers they put on children’s glow toys — I am fairly sure if you waved her around on New Year’s Eve, she’d light up — but in truth I find this totally charming. Yes, okay, it’s too short on her, and the shoes seem oddly casual. They are bringing neither noise nor funk. But the rest is futuristic and weird with JUST the right amount of pink, and probably shed a LOT and poked a few people, and I don’t even care, and in fact it makes me wonder if Melissa George is secretly a good hang. Whatever feeling this is inspiring in me, I’m having trouble articulating. There should be a German word for it. Funkenfraude. Cheerfugnugen. We need some actual German speakers up in here to sort this one.

[Photo: Getty]