Meghan’s official “maternity leave” ended today — I think she was still taking meetings, and the leave was mostly from having to show up places and, like, open tiny curtains — as she came out to mark the debut of the fashion collection she has put together with Jigsaw, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, and Mischa Nonoo to benefit SmartWorks. (Doing this on the first day of London Fashion Week is VERY CLEVER.)

If you’re interested, here’s the crepe dress (at M&S); these are the trousers that Meghan is wearing (they’re very good); here’s the matching blazer (both at Jigsaw); John Lewis has professional bags (Meghan is, as we know, good at a tote); and this is Mischa Nonoo’s white shirt, which yes I did buy (and which Meghan is also wearing). For every item purchased, an item goes to a women who could use it for a professional opportunity.

This looks like it was a great event; Meghan also said that she’s bought all the items herself, and plans to wear them on their upcoming tour, so it will be fun to see them deployed in action on her. I think she looks great — this look is simple but very polished, and the whole thing has a very Competent Professional Lady Vibe that is, of course, super appealing.

There were speeches! (Well, one speech! A speech longer than a Twitter video can contain)

WELL DONE EVERYONE, let’s look at some pics.

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