This is the premiere of a STARZ series Mary J. is on, called Power Book II: Ghost, which is a sequel to the previous series Power, which I didn’t see because I don’t have STARZ (and also I read that title as a sequel to something called Power Book, but it’s actually book two of Power, I get it now!) but which sounds very entertaining, per its Wiki, and it’s also spawned many spin-offs. Apparently, Mary J plays “Monet Stewart Tejada, queenpin of the Tejada drug cartel” and I suspect there is some hateration in the dancery of this cartel, given that this is a soap opera and hateration is their stock in trade. REGARDLESS: This outfit is perfect for this event, because she does look like a glamorous boss and I will do whatever she asks.

[Photo by Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock]