We must open with the acknowledgement that she is so pretty, and her whole head looks great, and I’m sincerely happy for the youths who are getting their time in the sun with the tube tob! (I am Gen X and I think our equivalent was a halter top; I owned some strapless tops but they were not, strictly speaking, tubes. We do appreciate the giant cargo pocket on this skirt, though!)

'Hawkeye' TV series premiere, Los Angeles, California, USA - 17 Nov 2021

I must also acknowledge that the Youngs do not even get this joke because (a) Glamour doesn’t exist in print anymore, and (b) at some point the publication (probably wisely) retired the Don’t Bar, which was just what it sounds like — a black bar they’d place over the faces of people wearing Fashion Don’ts. Is this like if my grandfather were making jokes to me about…I don’t know, Pall Malls? ANYWAY, I fear that I cannot see past that optical illusion to TRULY judge this on its merits and therefore, dear readers, I shall leave it to you:

This look is:

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[Photos: Photo by John Salangsang/Shutterstock]