Margot’s color palate is so autumnal right now — bronzey-orange, so many creams, and now this cargo-green. I understand, Margot. I, too, am ready for the sports fallow season to end (with apologies to baseball; I don’t get the Dodgers channel, and baseball is about the only sport I don’t enjoy enough on its own merits to watch random teams during the regular season, so I have to wait for national games/ the playoffs; GOOD TALK, THANKS). But this just looks to me like she’s doing a Vogue spread on how to camp elegantly, and extravagantly (and therefore sort of pointlessly)(no judgment; I do not get along with nature so I can only fake-camp, and even then I have a two-day maximum). The bodice looks like lazy shoulder pads, the trail of buttons is a tiny bit winding, and the fabric looks EVER so slightly weather-treated (and I don’t have another parenthetical to add here, but based on the rest of this post, I was afraid this sentence would become jealous and lonely without one and slowly turn back around and destroy the rest of this post with its spite)(and while that would be no great loss to humanity nor culture, as what I’ve achieved here is an affort to writing, it would be irksome to me personally).

(Yep, the end.)

(No, wait, one more thing.)

Movie Premiere, Berlin, Germany - 01 Aug 2019

Yep, the other two are still basically doing the minimum. (Shocker.)

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