Whoever invited Chanel creative director Virginie Viard to that wedding shower and forced her to play the game where you create wedding gowns out of toilet paper better send her an invoice tout suite, because apparently it was INSPIRATIONAL.

Here’s a closer look at the top:

'The Suicide Squad' film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, California, USA - 2 Aug 2021

I find her, as an actor, so talented and really likeable and I feel like this deal with Chanel has been a bit of a drag for everyone. Well, presumably other than her bank balance — which I totally respect. It’s surely financially smart for actresses to make these deals with fashion houses as a way to diversify their income stream for years when they’re not making a big budget film, or if they’re putting out some of their own money for a project. If I were in charge of someone’s career, I’d merely argue that the pairing of actor and designer needs to be very carefully considered — for example, the Louis Vuitton/Ruth Negga pairing has been artfully done and really well-styled by Karla Welch, and I think Chanel has done really interesting work with Kristen Stewart; on the other hand, you all know how I feel about the Jennifer Lawrence/Dior pairing — and it needs to be short. Eventually, the celebrity starts looking and feeling really same-y and it starts to get stale, which doesn’t help anyone. Like, we’re at a BIG premiere here, one of the first ones in sixteen months, and this is just kinda….eh. Trust, I appreciated getting to drag out one of my old Wedding Shower Toilet Paper cracks, but it would have been exciting to see something that we’d all remember tomorrow.

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