So Maisie here has been brow-less for a while — she’s in a Danny Boyle miniseries about the Sex Pistols and it must be for that, as I believe the character she is playing DOES lack eyebrows. (That Wiki entry, by the way, has incredibly wholesome ending.) I’d like to thank the extremely rudimentary research I just did for getting me jazzed for said miniseries, which will surely have interesting outfits if nothing else. And on that topic, I need to confess that I think Maisie Williams is actually working this no-brow look — she appears to be leaning into it with brow-bone make-up, which is smart; don’t pretend you aren’t browless! — and the hair/lipstick/general vibe of her outfit basically all melds together to make her look very cool. Like, the kind of cool where you are scared to show this person your most-listened-to stats on Spotify because you know it will be embarrassing compared to hers — which doesn’t exist because she doesn’t use Spotify, but also because if she did, it would all be obscure bands like Death Clay or Racerback, two groups I just invented. This person has a zine — yes, on paper — that you can only get in the back room of your local piercings place, and she won’t be mean to you about it, but she will gently note that she’s not sure you’re her target audience.

(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)