Marc Jacobs reportedly ran a tighter ship than usual this season: His show started on time and was over and done in three minutes, or “the length of a TikTok,” as Fashionista put it. The show notes, put together via Chat GPT, are thus:

“The Marc Jacobs fashion show captivated audiences with its innovative approach to blending menswear-inspired tailoring with feminine aesthetics,” the notes read. “The collection showcases impeccably tailored suits designed exclusively for women, accompanied by flat shoes, black tights and stunning altered gowns. The predominantly black and white palette created a striking visual impact, emphasizing the timeless elegance and versatility of monochrome fashion.”

Note the first sentence being written as if the show had already happened, and how generally devoid of life that description is. “Stunning altered gowns” is meaningless, and I don’t think monochrome is quite the word for this either. Far from being an endorsement of A.I., the Fashionista writer interpreted it as a statement on how technology could suck the life out of the fashion industry much the way it can with prose: “Rather than put on a runway presentation where attendees could prop their phones up strategically to record just the final walk, the entirety of the presentation was a “‘blink-and-you-miss-it’ moment — similarly to how quickly we scroll past content, forgetting to take in the artistry and the experience, which has been condensed and simplified by the internet.” Agreed, and also… when can we get Marc back in his rightful place as the climax of New York Fashion Week? Presumably he’s happier where he is, but I do think the brand gets lost a little bit on this schedule and I’d like to see it back atop the mountain.

[Photos: Launchmetrics Spotlight SM]