Marc Jacobs’s show used to start notoriously late. Hours late, not just the standard 30-45  minutes you get at every fashion show. But then it got so extreme, and pissed enough people off, that he got sick of hearing about it and began it two minutes early, and it’s been that way for about a decade. So why did he start it an hour and a half late? Several people theorized it’s because Rihanna’s Fenty lingerie show started at 7:30, corrupting what Marc thinks of as his tradition of being the last starry draw of Fashion Week, and so he began late on the assumption that it would keep editors from making it to her show in Brooklyn. (Apparently some people did leave, but Anna Wintour, contrary to rumors, did not.) That is… I mean, they claim a rogue delivery is to blame, but you know I always prefer the gossipy, petty explanation.

[Photos: Imaxtree]