Since I am writing this post within minutes of writing the other one in which I referenced About Time: This reminds me of the scene when Rachel McAdams is nervously trying on tons of dresses, and she walks out in a tight black lacy one and Domhnall Gleeson perks up, all, “I LOVE IT,” and of course it’s just the slip she needs to wear underneath one of the contenders. (Side note: I don’t care for that scene; I’m bored of the whole “Women can’t decide what to wear, and their poor exasperated husbands are so tortured by this” shtick.) That is how I feel about this. It’s not an unreasonable outfit, but it looks like she either hated the real shirt or spilled powder all down it, and had to blouse her camisole and hope for the best. Because if this were an actual, INTENTIONAL shirt, I would certainly hope that it would know better than to make a lady’s boobs look like they are deflating at different odd angles.

Her show, by the way, is an experimental Netflix joint with Jonah Hill called Maniac, and Variety really liked it. I assume that means she’ll be Globe-nominated come January; even if it’s secretly terrible, she’s Emma Stone, and the HFPA isn’t going to turn down that opportunity.

[Photo:  Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock]