This is, in the words of Cher Horowitz, a Monet for me. I don’t love the Frida Kahlo hair on Mandy, but the rest of this seemed like it would be fun: bright and lively and flattering. But then my eyes started to hurt, and I noticed that the pattern isn’t seamless. Indeed, there is an actual great honking seam cutting through it across her abdomen (and again at her knees) and knocking it out of sync, not to mention the bunching and criss-crossing up top. You know when you can tell someone has tried to mash together one family photo that’s good of half the people, and another one that’s decent of the OTHER half? And you can usually tell because somewhere there’s an ear slightly out of place, or a shoulder that’s gone akimbo? That’s how this feels to me when I look at her stomach region, and it’s actually making me a little dizzy. And poor Mandy deserves better than to be the girl who’s pelvis gave me vertigo. I wish we could smooth it out from the waist down, and shake her hair loose (or just soften up the bun), and we’d be in business.

[Photo: Variety/REX/Shutterstock]