This is Cher, doing what Cher does: look impossibly cool in a questionable outfit, and in the process espousing our theory that everyone looks hotter in sunglasses. Cher was your reigning Best Actress at the Oscars, for Moonstruck, and apparently decided to parlay this into the fragrance industry. Moonstruck appeared to play at least a small part in the design decisions for CHER UNINHIBITED:

Press Conference with Cher to Announce the Launch of Her New Fragrance

At least, that sure FEELS like it’s meant to look like a crescent moon. One that has, ahem, been struck by a shell of some kind. And yes, it’s a GIGANTIC BOTTLE. Sadly, they did not sell it in that size; this was just for strange display purposes. The actual vessel stood just shy of 2.5 inches tall, per this eBay listing, although this one seems to stand much taller? This one has the actual box, if you’re looking to spend upwards of $70 on a vintage perfume that, frankly, might not even still smell correct. I guess in that case you could just drop $21 on the empty bottle. Allegedly you might still get a whiff of what I think of as the tasting notes, even though you do not eat perfume: “Bergamot, Floral, Jasmine, Sandalwood, ORANGE, TOBACCO,” per another listing. I don’t know my scents well, but some of those read like things you would seek out separately, like this is a listing of six variations of candle or something. CHER INFLAMMABLE. Or just CHER FLAMMABLE, since they mean the same thing.

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