Informative Caption here tells me that Lindsay is attending a (celebrity? I can’t tell; whatever it was, there was a professional photographer invited) iftar here. If you’re unaware, iftar is the evening meal that breaks the fast during Ramadan. This may be why her dress is relatively modest, but regardless: I think she looks great in it. Quirky, artistic ¬†lover of patterns is a very interesting direction¬†for her, and I hope she sticks to it. This whole look feels very Eccentric British to me, which, obviously, is a look I want everyone to try at least once, and it’s sort of a refreshing change for her.

Speaking of refreshing changes, she’s also got a new job:

Back on set of my new TV show #SickNote

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People has more details, but it does seems like she’s going to be a regular on this British TV show that Ron Weasley is also on. Is it just me, or does moving to London seem to have been a good move for her?

She also recently posted this Instagram, where she looks — dare I say it? — very much like the Lohan of old:

#fresh #workoutmotivation

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Maybe I’m just blinded by the stripes? But I’ll take it. HANG ON, LINDSAY.

[Photo: WENN]