The headline on this group of pictures at our photo service read something like, “Kerry Washington Looks Cheery In Floral Trousers at Good Morning America,” and I was like, “oh, silly photo service, that is OBVIOUSLY A SKIRT!” And then I saw this picture, and….well, who am I to doubt our photo service?! Pants it is!

Kerry Washington at Good Morning America in a Pair of Floral Trousers

I have so many feelings: (a) Basically, she looks great, but (b) does the waist of these particular pants being this high kinda make it feel like she’s wearing trousers designed by Steve Urkel? (Although, let’s be real, Stefan Urquelle would probably have grown up to be the designer, not Steve. Also, did you know there is a LENGTHY section on Wikipedia about Stefan Urquelle?  I am not sure that I’ve mentioned this here before — probably, this website is 14 years old — but I truly think the introduction of Stefan Urquelle as a plot device was one of the weirdest and also the best things that Family Matters ever did. Did I just spend a long portion of this morning reading about Steve Urkel? I did.)