Have you watched this movie recently? It is a MELANGE of recognizable people, many of whom were once very famous and are now not so famous, with a sprinkling of people who are now VERY famous but who only had one line. Like, the list of characters who didn’t even get names, because they’re mostly just party guests in the film’s big set-piece, is STACKED: Donald Faison was “drummer” (this had to be just a fun cameo for him because Clueless came out in three years earlier, in 1995); Jason Segel is “watermelon guy;”  Leslie Grossman is  “Ready to Have Sex’s Friend;” Selma Blair is “Girl Mike Hits on #1;” Sean Patrick Thomas is “Jock #1,” while Freddy Rodriguez is “Jock #3.”  Has this movie aged well? I haven’t watched it in maybe five years so I cannot say with authority. Have people’s premiere party outfits? FOR SURE NO.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty]