Are you ready for my unpopular opinion? Here goes: I do not like the Winona Ryder version of Little Women. At all. Well, I vaguely remember responding to Kirsten Dunst as Amy and Christian Bale as Laurie, though I freely admit the latter may have been influenced by him being super hot and not on an incisive evaluation of his portrayal. But Wino and Claire Danes and Trini Alvarado were a BIG no for me, and I find Sarandon too smug and Sarandon-y, and Gabriel Byrne and Eric Stoltz were really just… kinda there.

The reason I’m going on about this: My first reaction was to be like, “WHY ARE YOU REMAKING LITTLE WOMEN,” because obviously my moves straight to CLUTCH MY PEARLS. And then I realized that a) I didn’t like the last one to begin with, and b) I don’t actually HAVE a favorite one. (The June Allyson one suffers massively because Professor Bhaer is THE WORST, though Liz Taylor makes a great Amy, and I don’t actually know if I’ve seen the Katharine Hepburn one all the way through.) So there is no sacred memory being threatened here for me, so… bring it, I guess. Right?

It’s a three-part mini-series airing here in 2018 on PBS’s Masterpiece. I believe it may already have aired in the U.K. on Boxing Day, so OF COURSE we’re getting it hellaciously late. Still! Let’s discuss.