I feel like there are a few different kinds of celebrity fashion types: There are the celebs whose clothing is truly creative and fashion-forward, because they sincerely love fashion (like, say, Janelle Monae); there are the celebs whose wardrobe is crafted primarily to garner attention (this would encompass, say, Bella Thorne, but also someone like Lady Gaga who sees her clothing as part of her life as a performer); there are the celebs who just don’t really care and do whatever their stylists want/their contract with a designer dictates (you know who this one is); and then there are the celebrities whose style is what I called Expensive Polished Normal — they wear clothes that most people would happily wear and look great in, if we could only afford the nicest, priciest versions of what we normally wear. Viola Davis is Expensive Polished Normal; Reese Witherspoon is Expensive Polished Normal (Southern Preppy Division); Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are┬áboth versions of Expensive Polished Normal. And Leslie Mann is TOTALLY Expensive Polished Normal, in the sense that I would for SURE want to wear this as a Normal Person Going About My Business, if only I could afford it.

[Photo: ROGER WONG/INSTARimages.com]