As you can see, we found this out because she was photographed “candidly” standing by a Nexxus display at a New York hair salon.  Having said that….she looks much better blonde than I would have anticipated, and also this seems like a good opportunity for me to once again note that I wish someone would give Leighton an acting gig on a primetime TV show worthy of her talents. I mean, I’m sure she and Adam Brody are doing fine off all their Josh Schwartz Show Residuals, but come on: It’s a huge oversight on the part of the universe that neither one of them has a gig at the moment. At the very least shouldn’t Leighton be making Hallmark Christmas movies? Do I need to take over their career counseling? What is happening?

Additionally, it must be noted that Blonde Leighton kinda reminds me of Taylor Momsen here:

Leighton Meester at the Nexxus Salon

Is this like Gossip Girl Inception?

[Photos: Michael Simon/]