Alex Newell (featured in our metallics post) and J. Harrison Ghee (above) became the first and second out non-binary performers, respectively — and just minutes apart — to win Tony Awards. Currently, the Tonys allow performers to specify which category they’d like to compete in, as a slow crawl toward figuring out what they want to do about gendered categories. The conversation will be ongoing, but it was a triumphant night for these two, who reminded the world in stunning fashion — by which I mean method and clothes — that a person is bigger than any box people want to put them in, and so too is their talent.

And! J. Harrison Ghee was not the only nominee who chose blue on this night — we’ve also got Audra McDonald, Victoria Clark, Samuel L. Jackson, and Natasha Yvette Williams. And two of these folks won, so maybe it’s a good luck hue?

[Photos: Andrew H. Walker, Erik Pendzich, AFF-USA/Shutterstock]