Might this be a long, belted vest — what I privately refer to as a “Maude coat,” due to Bea Arthur often wearing them on Maude, a show I technically never watched because I am (for once!) too young, but which still somehow wormed its way into my mind grapes? It certainly might be. Doesn’t it also seem like a cozy delight, though? Like something you might wear to go purchase chic, rough-hewn pottery from a local craftsman whilst drinking an artisanal coffee? It certainly does! Am I secretly very pleased that Lea Michele is apparently in an ABC holiday movie set in a Hawaii where she’s torn between Charles Michael Davis (AKA One of the Many Hot Guys on The Originals) and Bryan Greenberg (who will always be Mr. Jamie Chung to me)? I AM. It seems I sort of miss Lea Michele.

[Photo by Jason Mendez/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]
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