Hello, hello, thank you for coming to today’s briefing. Let’s get right to your questions:

What is this event? It’s a reception at Buckingham Place marking the 70th anniversary of NATO, with various world leaders and big wigs in attendance.

Where is Wills? He’s in Oman right now.

Where are Harry and Meghan? I have no idea –I have not seen them tootling around Pasadena with Archie yet, but I hope it’s cozy wherever they may be — but it’s very possible that they wouldn’t have come to this anyway. So if you see something that’s like “MEGHAN DITCHES PRESIDENT TRUMP,” that’s not an accurate take.

Where’s Andrew?!?!!?!? I believe he’s making his new home on a garbage barge in the north of nowhere at the moment.

What’s Kate wearing? This green number is Emilia Wickstead.

Why don’t we have any full-length shots of it? We just don’t, okay?!!! If I get any later, I’ll update this post.

Is it possible that the bottom of this dress is, like, totally sheer or something? Anything is possible, but the photos of it on Matches.com make this seem very unlikely.

Did you intentionally pick a photo where Kate looks like she’s smugly relaying some juicy piece of gossip? Yes, because I too love to smugly relay juicy gossip.

Do we think Kate and Trudeau are gossiping here?

For sure.

Are we gonna get to see the Wills and Kate and Nadiya and Mary Berry Very Special Christmas Baking Hour in the United States?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Susan at What Kate Wore is on the case but so far, it doesn’t seem like it, which is just mean!



What should I make for dinner tonight? Lasagna. Enjoy it!

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