Man, I guess the end of Oscar week is naked time for everybody — first Adrianne Bailon and her crotch ruffle of Let Me Be Your Peldon, and now Katy Perry and the Atomic Wedgie:

Does she really have to try this hard to be noticed? She’s megafamous. She has hair the color of a Smurf’s undercarriage. Everyone’s waiting to see who her first public post-Brand hookup will be. This feels like a misfire in that PR war.

I mean, I’m pretty sure winning a panty raid at your grandmother’s house does NOT say, “My dearest flea-bitten ex, I invite you to sup on your own lameness, while I serve cocktails of my own fabulousness with tiny umbrellas and some fruit on a sword.” Instead it seems to imply that someone needs to cancel her Internet service because she’s spending too much time on eBay at 3 a.m. buying old Sears Roebuck catalogs.

That poor vest never stood a chance.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]