The press release for this milestone noted that Kylie Jenner “personally donated” this Balmain, from the 2016 Met Gala, trumpeted with the sort of fanfare you’d normally reserve for a back-pat — like if Kylie Jenner had “personally donated” it to a charity auction, and when MT purchased it a bunch of money went to needy children. It further noted that the waxwork is worth $350,000, and that is news to me — in the sense that I had NO IDEA people placed monetary value on waxworks that just live in museums anyway. Are they hoping to… sell it, to some unbelievably creepy private collector? What is the point otherwise?

You could craft a thousand one-liners about which of these two is the more artificially made; the waxier of the waxed. I am more curious why Kylie, as she grinds up on her own mannequin, felt the need to hike up her skirt. While the figure itself isn’t hugely inaccurate, it does look a bit more like Nina Dobrev than Kylie Jenner, especially when you look at the photo on which it was based:

Indeed, Kylie herself doesn’t totally look like that anymore, even from a similar angle. I guess that’s why you stick dollar values on Kardashian and Kardashian-adjacent waxworks: They change their faces so often that you probably need auction them off so you can replace them with more currently sculpted models.

How does it compare to other celebrity waxworks? Why, we have a whole gallery of those you can revisit, which we update every time we add one of these to the site. We don’t use this feature often, but it looks kind of groovy when we do. Here:

Enjoy! Kylie got off pretty easy by comparison. I STILL wonder whom Brad Pitt mortally offended.

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