You are probably already a fan of Kim France, whether you realize it or not: She co-founded Lucky and ran it during its halcyon years, she worked for the much-missed Sassy magazine, and she currently dispenses awesomeness on Girls Of A Certain Age, which has a lot to offer no matter what your particular “certain age” is. We will still be doing our own Fug Nation Holiday Gift Guide, but for various reasons, we have not been suave enough to pull it together in time for things to be ordered, shipped, and wrapped before this year’s incredibly early Chanukah. So we turned to one of our very favorite cool people for help.

We asked La France to curate a list of some unique, covetable items that are are as groovy and highbrow as we wish we could be, and also slightly fancier than what we normally suggest. Kim’s picks follow her personal mantra of giving the gift you’d love to own, but might not ever buy for yourself — in a variety of price ranges, from irresistible to, yes, highly irrational. They make great hints for the relative who loves to splurge on you, though if you decide to lavish yourself with them, your secret is safe with us. It’s all love in Fug Nation.

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