Unlike some recent pants chaos, Kiernan’s jeans actually seem to fit recognizably like jeans do. But they also appear to have been dipped in adhesive and then rolled in somebody’s bead drawer. Wouldn’t this make sitting very annoying? Even if they don’t wrap all the way around to the back, though it seems they might, even crossing your legs would involve little hard things digging into you. I wonder if it would feel fine, like one of those therapy mats, or irritating in the vein of charm bracelets — I had one as a kid, and the little dangling pieces whacking into things and pooling under my wrist when I tried to write, and such, ended up driving me bananas. What are your thoughts about pants as, basically, a wearable accessory wall? Would Tim Gunn think it’s being used wisely?

[Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock]