Heidi had a triumphant two-dress vacation from Klumsanity at the Oscars, so it follows that she’d reach back into her comfort zone: Versace. Indeed, she wore Versace to last year’s ceremony, too; it was a blue mini-dress with a similar threaded motif up top. I guess maybe Heidi really thinks kids are choosing Cat’s Cradle these days? This dress seems a bit overdone for the occasion at hand, though. Last year’s mini was short, sure, but the bodice wasn’t peekaboo and didn’t seem like it was trying to be especially sexy, which is ideal for an event for children, where “sexy” really has no place. The flashes of skin on this one are at least few, and I see netting, but it’s still a bit more adult than I’d have expected. And while she looks smashing in it from the waist down, from the waist up it’s just… smashed. I cannot figure out how it is pulling off the magic trick of taking the lovely chest of one buxom Heidi Klum and making it disappear. Is David Copperfield designing for Donatella now?

[Photo: Getty]