Y’all know I am not opposed to a polka dot, and I am at home to a dramatic sleeve, done well. This, though, seems like a refried 1980s Prom mess — which, yes, is probably an aesthetic that suits Philip and Elizabeth Jennings’s time period, but not one I am in a hurry to bring into present day. The twisted top, the skirt appearing to retch ruffles… the fabric and some of the elements could have worked, treated with a bit more modern tender loving care. But she’s lost in it, like she got into a catfight and someone attacked her with a bingo marker.

Which brings me around to The Americans. I suppose it’s eminently possible that a confrontation on that show COULD play out at a corrupt bingo parlor. More importantly, I am tense in advance of this season even premiering, because it’s the last, which means anything goes — and anyone could go. I feel almost as nervous as I did when Breaking Bad rolled into the home stretch. If you watch the show: What are your ideal endings? Who do you want to see live and die — or who do you think SHOULD die even if perhaps it will also make you terribly sad? What, and who, do you hope to see? I’ve got one word for you on that: Martha. My personal ideal ending involves Martha taking over the entire world and having a cabal of smart, capable professional men who are also eager to meet her every sexual and emotional need. But maybe that’s just me.

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