I have to hand it to Kelly Rowland. Frankly, other than a hot two seconds where she was Lucious’s crazy mother in Vaseline-smeared flashbacks on Empire, I have no idea what she’s even doing. But the one thing she is, for certain: being more interesting, or at least riskier, than Beyonce on the red carpet. I’m sure it is harder being the two Children of Destiny who aren’t, apparently, actual children of destiny, and what better way to make up for it than giving me a slow-clap moment? This printed Chloe muu muu is overwhelming and floaty and possibly inflatable, and I think should seriously rethink itself somewhere in the middle. But the skirt is pretty enough, it’s all undeniably bubbly, and frankly, who else is wearing anything like it right now? So Kelly Rowland, of all people, might’ve found a fashion Bridget Jones: something cheerfully imperfect that I like, just as it is.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]