It seems that Kate spent the last twelve weeks at home thinking, “you know what? LET’S MIX THINGS UP. I’m buying this quasi-low-backed black cocktail dress that MIGHT be sheer in bits but totally isn’t and everyone’s going to love it OR NOT I DON’T CARE. Someone, anyone, NOT GEORGE, please bring me some ginger tea, thank you.”

As for me, I am on record as being generally unmoved by Kate’s cocktail wear, especially when it’s Temperley — I was meh on this Temperley in Australia, and this particular Temperley cocktail dress from a couple of years ago inspired extremely neutral feelings as well. (It seems that while I like Temperley a lot as a whole, I am not as enamored of their cocktail options.) THAT BEING SAID, I think I like this. I definitely like that she continues to (classily) (sort of) sex it up. REGARDLESS, LET’S DISCUSS.

[Photos: Splash, Getty]