I think this shift is EXTREMELY cute — I would wear it myself, and the only baby I am gestating is made of tacos. I might wish for merely the lower set of flaps (they seem like pocket flaps to me, and no one puts four pockets on her shift dress unless she’s trying to invent the frock version of cargo shorts), but that’s a nitpick on my point. PS: Thanks for reminding me that I need to buy tights, Kate.

(PS: If you are reading this, and you don’t already know this, I think you will care: We revealed the cover (and the plot) of our new book, The Royal We, and we are giving away three advanced copies. The contest ruins through Sunday night. I promise I won’t mention this in every post I write until April, but YOU GUYS in especial particular, I think, would want to know about it, if somehow you missed the post over the beginning of the week [I don’t know your life!]. BOOK PLUG COMPLETED, and back to Kate.)

[Photos: Splash, INF, Fame/Flynet]