I don’t usually remember to watch the late-night shows, but I happened to catch Jimmy Kimmel the other night when La Chastain was the guest in this very outfit:

And it was exactly as you’d expect: A VERY cute idea and a wonderful color, but too tight in the waist, which you can see even a little bit in this photo. When she sat down it got all bumpy and pinchy. Which happens to us all; I just figured her people would have a really good tailor on speed dial. I wish I did.

The snug waist looks better in this Lela Rose dress:

Still very form-fitting, but in a way that I think honors her figure rather than cuts into it. The shoes give me a touch of the Zzzs, and she’s hiding her wrists, so I can’t see if there are any adornments there (I suspect not). Her cocktail-wear is often “preeeeeeeetty cute” (which I say in my head as if I am Bobby Moynihan as Anthony Crispino, the second-hand news correspondent) but not totally solid. She and Kate Middleton need to confab. I should probably be there. Actually, Chasty was REALLY likable on the Kimmel show, to the point where I feel like a long liquid lunch with her would be a gas. One of the things she talked about is her long and enduring friendship with Jess Weixler, whom I LOVE (and who has been woefully underused) as Robin on The Good Wife, and how they would furnish their apartment with old chairs Pottery Barn had stabbed (so they wouldn’t be stolen) and disposed of; they’d drag them home and just toss blankets over the wounds. It made me laugh. I wonder if Pottery Barn appreciated the press, or sent her a bill.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]