A full day of shenanigans for Kate, beginning with her opening the new garden at Hampton Court, taking a pit-stop for a lunch reception at one of her charities celebrating their opening a new center for children’s mental health, and ending with her visiting her new pictures in British Vogue at the National Portrait Gallery. As far as Hampton Court goes: WE WERE JUST THERE. No, literally. We were at Hampton Court less than two weeks ago! I got to turn meat on a spit! If you could have just moved your schedule around, Kate, it would have been ever so helpful.

We are going to do a larger write-up of our trip very soon, but Hampton Court is beautiful.  I mean, look at this:

There is also a hedge maze! You know I love a maze!

While I’m waxing poetic, actually, the National Portrait Gallery is also amazing (it is there, a few years ago, that I saw this amazing portrait of Idris Elba which I carry in my heart always, and also in my phone) and it has a bar on the top floor with great views. I am always looking to make sure that you have had sufficient champagne. This Vogue exhibition looks quite diverting, so please one of you, go see it and then go upstairs and sloshed for me, please, and provide a full report. See? Diverting!

[Photos: Getty Images]