Today’s event may not have been the most fashion-forward — that’s not a ding on Kate; she’s making pizza and doing crafts with kids in a community garden, one ought not be fashion-forward at such an event — but it was extremely cute. The Palace today announced  that Kate is going to design and build the Royal Horticulture Society’s contribution to the famed Chelsea Flower Show (with professional help from the RHS and landscape architects, obviously; it’s not just going to be her out there digging random holes for plants), tying into the idea that gardening and being outside is good for everyone’s well-being. From what I understand from Twitter, Kate’s been working on this project for several months, and they’re also going to be doing a garden at Hampton Court, and one of the RHS’s gardens in Surrey. Listen, if there is anything I have learned from watching TV shows about British people, it’s that they love a flower show. And also that if you find yourself in Oxford, chances are high that you will witness a murder.

Anyhoodle! No murders today, unless I am killed by the cuteness of the kids at the King Henry’s Walk community garden from which we have many an adorable video:

These kids are so cute:

I want to know more about this very natty gentleman in his top hat! He’s wearing a…ceremonial thingie, so I assume he’s a Fancy Person from the Horticultural Society and I DEEPLY want to be asked to his country home to look at whatever he is growing. CAN HE HELP ME WITH MY SUCCULENTS?


And, obviously, the pertinent question of the day. (Someone put this kid on staff at their publication!)

I’m CERTAIN the Queen likes pizza. Let’s just get real.

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