This whole thing is reasonable, in fact! Today, Kate visited an organization called Family Action, which — per their website — provides “practical, emotional and financial support to those who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation across the country.” (They have a very long history; they’re been in business for 150 years, and used to be called the Charity Organization Society; QEII is their patron, taking over for her grandmother, Queen Mary.) This cause feels very up Kate’s street, and she’s there today to mark the opening of something called FamilyLine, which is basically a phone/email/text helpline for parents who need advice and help (or even, it seems like, someone to help them figure out where to get other help). That’s a good cause! (Simon Perry at People reports that she’s been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes works about early-intervention for children’s mental health, which is a good reminder that just because we don’t see her or Meghan [or anyone] trotting around shaking hands outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re back at home eating chocolates and buying shoes online and watching a marathon of The Hills.)

ANYWAY! Obviously, Kate wasn’t going to turn up at this wearing Lady Gaga’s Egg or anything. Instead, this is a new frock from Beulah that she belted, and had someone at the palace fiddle with the sleeves. (Beulah is calling it “bespoke,” but it’s clearly the same dress with different sleeves and I kinda feel like we need a word for a dress that’s just had one tiny alteration because to me, “bespoke” means “wholly newly created to this person’s specifications). Anyway! It’s nice! It’s mad normal. (I have despaired of ever getting a patterned shoe. I think Kate has raging Patterned Shoe Phobia and I need to accept this for my own mental health.)

We’ve also, as ever, got video:

So much waving!


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