I guess the use of the word “things” in this headline is misleading as she has, so far, only worn this one thing to promote her new Netflix movie, Along for the Ride, which I decided based on the title alone is a romance about a woman married to a Lance Armstrong-esque cyclist, whose life is in ruins after his cheating (on all fronts) is discovered and who finds love again with the charming owner of the local bike shop in the small town to which she relocates to rebuild her life. Then I looked it up and remembered it’s actually Netflix’s adaptation of the Sarah Dessen novel of the same name and please DO NOT tell me if Kate Bosworth is playing one of the parents! I cannot not and will not respond to that kind of information! Let’s just focus on the fact that I once had a Barbie who owned this outfit and that fact alone!

[Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]