‘Twas a very productive outing for Wills and Kate today, as they got put to work and literally sheared some sheep:

You KNOW Kate got in the car and floated the idea of getting some sheep for Anmer Hall. Hell, I feel like maybe I need some sheep. Can you keep a lamb on a suburban balcony?

Wills is cradling a puppy in that tweet above, and while we’re on the topic, please behold this puppy, who you will also get to see in the slideshow. I WANT TO PET HIM:

I enjoy The Matching Pullovers of the Family Cambridge:

(Said farmers were NOT THRILLED about Brexit, per reporting.)

I dunno I guess this view’s okay if you like a majestic vista or whatever:

Let’s take a closer look!

[Photos: Shutterstock, ROBERT PERRY/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock]