I have been thinking about Juliette Binoche a lot lately, given that I (a) just wrote this piece about how beautiful everyone was at the premiere of The English Patient, for which she won her Oscar, and (b) I recently binge-watched Call My Agent, which was a full and complete treat, and in which she appears (as herself, as all the celebrities do) in a very diverting Cannes-centric episode which is in large part about her wardrobe. But we are not in Cannes! We are in Berlin and Juliette is definitely dressing in the manner of what I call a Fancy Lady Lawyer, AKA a lawyer as imagined by film and TV. The first Fancy Lady Lawyer look, above in orange, is delicious. This woman will sweep in and have a war of words with Diane Lockhart and leave us all breathless.

This look, on the other hand, is… less successful:

'Avec Amour Et Acharnement' photocall, 72nd Berlin International Film Festival, Germany - 12 Feb 2022

THIS is a Fancy Lady Lawyer with insomnia who thought a little too much about Martha Stewart’s known affection for gold lamé and went a little too far in applying it to her own life. (And, as far as gold lamé Fancy Lady Lawyer wear goes, Martha does do it better.)

[Photos: Christopher Tamcke/Shutterstock]