Amanda is promoting Seven Veils, a movie about a theatre director putting on Salome and battling her own repressed trauma — obviously a light-hearted romp. It’s nice to see her out, but I can’t really give my heart to this, and can’t pinpoint why. I’ve been staring at it and staring at it. Some of the issue is the harsh lighting; unfortunately, we didn’t have photos where it was any better than this. That’s not anything she can control. Otherwise, I mean… the dress fits. It’s not sheer. It’s not absurd or incoherent. Why don’t I love it? is it down to the head-styling? The gelled-into-submission hair? Because I just don’t feel like the individual parts add up to a dreamy enough whole considering how good the raw material is.

At the photocall, she kept it simpler:

She pops more, facially, even though she’s doing less. The outfit is wackier — the proportions are odd; I think the cropped shirt would work better with pants that aren’t so weirdly slouchy, and don’t balloon and then taper to seize her ankles like grim death. Compiled thusly, it comes across like a fitting gone wrong. And yet weirdly it find it more interesting than the first photo? Have I just turned myself upside-down today? Am I as wrong as those cuffs?!?

[Photos: Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images, Dominique Charriau/WireImage]