I caught part of a Twitter discussion of Julie & Julia the other day, and it seemed to imply that this movie is divisive and that a lot of people hate one part and love the other. Personally, I turn this movie on every time I see it in the guide, because all I want to see is ONE SPECIFIC MOMENT; when Amy Adams makes Chris Messina some really excellent-looking bruschetta, and he absolutely houses it, and the sound the buttery pan-toasted bread makes when he bites it and just the experience of watching him devour it is everything I want my next meal to be, ever, always.

I could take or leave the ENTIRE remainder of the movie. Truly. I just want that one clip. Meryl is amiable and she makes me feel for Julia, but she might also be a little OTT; then again, Julia HERSELF might have been a little OTT, so maybe it’s fine? And Julie, as played by Amy Adams, gets a very bad wig and frumpy wardrobe and some truly horrible friends — like, worse than Anne Hathaway’s friends in The Devil Wears Prada; they are awful caricatures — but Amy gives her a quiet dignity. It’s perfectly pleasant to have on in the background while I work, but oh, for me, that movie is all about That Bite.

And now, I cede the mic.

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