This is exciting! Fug National Erin writes:

I wanted to reach out because I was hoping to get a little wardrobe assist with a tricky fashion situation. This week I was nominated for an Emmy!!! (for We’re Here on HBO – everyone should watch and be uplifted by Drag Queens!)  I’m thrilled but it’s 2020 and that ceremony isn’t happening. I want to honor this moment and would like to dress up for the occasion, even if it’s just me watching a weird Zoom event at home.

I got to thinking, maybe you have other readers who have virtual or distanced lawn events they want to dress up for that call for something nicer than our best stretchy pants or daytime dresses. An evening caftan? Sequined jumpsuit? Full ballgown? How do you dress for an event that isn’t quite the actual event?

First and foremost: CONGRATS, ERIN!!! This is so exciting and we’re all going to be rooting for you.

Second: This is a great question and I’m going to throw it open to Fug Nation, as many of you may have actually attended Formal Zoom Events. (Heather and I have done Zoom Book Things that have required us looking decent, but let me be honest and tell you that 65% of the time I’ve worn shorts off camera.) For something as monumental and exciting as the Emmys, I personally think: GO FOR IT. This truly is the time for an evening caftan OR a sequined jumpsuit. Or formal vintage hostess pajamas????? (My way of thinking is that because doing this stuff on Zoom is kind of a bummer, you should feel more free than ever to give into all your eccentricities. They bring joy to yourself and others!) Also, I recommend lots of jewelry. But whatever you wear: This is hugely great and such an achievement, whether you are in a ballgown or your robe.

Suggestions, folks?