Julia Garner is on Ozark, though you might know her better as the curly-haired blond from the latter seasons of The Americans who gets embroiled with Matthew Rhys’s character. And she always just looked like herself to me — she had a distinctive vibe on that show — but at this screening, the styling feels… am I crazy, or is there a Michelle Williams vibe happening here? I could see her wearing this to a Night Before Oscars bash, seeming equally unsure what to do with her hands, though possibly wearing no lipstick. Anyway, I like the cocktail dress; there’s something about built-in bling that seems so easy, like you won’t have to worry about a security guard tailing you all night to make sure you don’t drop a bracelet in the bathroom. Heck, Michelle Williams may give her a call of congratulations, or at the very least place a voodoo hex on her for getting it first. Let’s hope for the former, although her Early Jen Lindley DNA might be tempted toward the latter just for mischievous kicks.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]