The truly great thing about Jared Eng having been a blogger before he was a stylist: He knows exactly what we are all scrambling to figure out, and puts it ALL into the caption. Is it dry? Yes. Is it informative? HELL yes.

This quite good! I don’t always dig a boob tie, but the overall effect here is very sophisticated. And a HUGELY different feel from the next one:

I’m getting a Willy Wonka vibe — the movie, not the man himself. Although the person in this outfit would make a great Wilhelmina Wonka in a gender-flipped YA version and I guess I should not have given away that idea. Oh well. There’s a freebie for somebody.

Important question: When the credit says “jacket,” are we counting this WHOLE THING as a jacket? IS that technically a jacket? Can a jacket have oozing sideboob?

I wish we could see better what’s underneath THIS jacket because that skirt looks potentially very beautiful.

Total scrolldown here for me. I’m here for the pattern, but those shorts are a bit micro to also have such a high waist, so the proportions end up looking weird to me. And then the Gaga sock-hooves are the hardest of passes.

Bode is a menswear collection, though there is a welcome fluidity now in fashion that makes those distinctions feel dated. I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on with the pants; Vogue tells me the inspiration for the collection was “her familial ties to a bygone wagon workshop based in Cincinnati that produced ornate creations for Barnum & Bailey and the Ringling Brothers.” (The show was held at the Ringling in Sarasota.) Do I see that? … No, but I find the whole line aggressively kitschy in general in a way where I rarely see the inspirations because all I see is the quirk. I don’t know if I would have put the pants and the shirt together, that’s for sure.

It is distracting to see the illusion netting wrinkle. Honestly, the star is the bag, for me.

I hope she sincerely didn’t bother to put on shoes. It’s Ellen, via Zoom or whatever! Let your feet breathe.