I’m sure Vegas has short odds on Jodie Turner-Smith wearing Gucci at the White Noise premiere. She is a Gucci devotee, for better or for worse. But even when those marriages are blissful, I enjoy when the celebs flirt with other partners, and so I’m delighted she picked out a Raisa Vanessa frock for this Venice launch dinner. It’s just… something ELSE, you know? Although interestingly, this doesn’t seem so far removed from a Gucci. Swap the medallion for a bow or a sequin tiger head or something, and we’re on the way. Regardless, the color is fabulous — this woman knows how to pick her pigments — and I love the purse. But my main takeaway is: Anna Wintour, you have GOT to do a Met Gala theme built around the work of Jim Henson. I have a stellar high-fashion Cookie Monster interpretation for you.

[Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images]