(a) I love this cover; (b) I also just typed, “you can tell she used to be a professional model,” but I then did some fact-checking and SHE WAS NOT ONE, which is an even bigger compliment, so you’re welcome, Jodie; (c) the rest of the shots are very good and you should click through and take a look; there is a caftan in there that I covet; plus you can read in the interview what she thinks Villanelle is up to in quarantine, a fun creative exercise; (d) maybe in 2021, we should all start wearing tiny ladylike veils. Imagine arriving at your home and dramatically ripping off your face mask AND whipping off your veil. The soap operatic thrill you’d experience every time you returned from buying apples in a Hazmat suit! We need to make our own fun!

[Photo by Charlotte Hadden. The January issue of InStyle is available on newsstands, on Amazon, and for digital download December 18.]