I decided that Jessica Chastain has spent the past few weeks perusing photos of the jewels of various royal families and could not resist a little bling of her own as she popped out to officially reveal the Christmas windows at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, here. I don’t know if that necklace is real — I assume it is; she’s a spokesperson for Piaget so I doubt they’re pushing her out the door in something faux — but it sure is pretty and it’s DEFINITELY festive.

The rest of her look was the sartorial version of the black velvet box from whence such jewels tend to come:

Galeries Lafayette store Christmas window display unveiling, Paris, France - 07 Nov 2018

Given the festive shenanigans exploding behind her, it was probably wise to keep the rest of her look low-key. (Expensive, obviously, but…low key.) Who can compete with festive French holiday….rainbow muppets?

[Photos:  WENN.com, Dominique Maitre/WWD/REX/Shutterstock]