At this point, Dior is like a boyfriend that Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t completely broken up with yet, even though we all know that she ought to — including her. Sometimes, things are fine between them. But just fine — fine in the way where you look at her, and the Dior, and think, “they’d both be so much better off with someone else.” And then when she does try someone else, it’s so good. Great, in fact. So much better than it has any right to be. And you can’t stop thinking of the way she used to be, before she and Dior got together and caused each other so much pain.¬†When things were good. When things were great. But it’s been so long. They’ve both sunk so much emotional energy into this relationship. Calling it quits now is the right thing — that much is obvious. But can they do it? Or are they just going to keep sleep-walking through this relationship and calling the moments that are essentially just fine a win?

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