I am sure Whoopi Goldberg is not actually trying to dress without whimsy here, but this Thom Browne is so aggressively Thom Browne that it comes back around to being just a total frothing madhouse. It’s like when you know someone with an ironic mullet. The joke is on them, because it doesn’t come with a sign that says, “This is an ironic mullet,” so at the end of the day… they are just a person with a mullet, and therefore, how ironic IS it really if they’re willingly and repeatedly wearing it every day? And by the same logic, DID I hate-watch Smash, or does this mean I in fact love-watched it? Etc.

So, Whoopi might be wearing this because she’s goofing on fashion and/or enjoying being wacky and surprising, but at the same time, she looks like she’s begrudgingly helping out a relative with an Etsy shop who just invested their life savings into drawstrings. And everyone involved except the relative knows it’s not gonna end well.

[Photo: Backgrid]