There is nothing really wrong with this look, I suppose. It feels like she’s been eyeballing Margot Robbie in blazers and making some personal notes, and there are certainly worse people to scout for inspiration. Ring the alarm when she starts slavishly noting every step J.Lo takes. Still, this feels weirdly… stale and personality-free. She looks like she just showed up at a job interview to be a supermodel’s personal assistant, and is trying to check off several boxes at once: low-key, organized, can disappear into the wallpaper, capable of hitting the club after she’s alphabetized your spice rack. Maybe she’s just conscious that J.Law Fatigue was real and it was potent, and so she’s trying to pass quietly through this particular press tour until she really has to work it for an award again. Either way, shrug is not a reaction I’m used to having with her.